Monday, May 20, 2013

Wow, it's been a while

Life has just been busy!  I realize those of you who stalk me and my family are probably disappointed that I haven't updated.  So, here it goes in a nutshell.

Oakley - 10 months old and as every bit of independent as her brother.  Anything Talon does, she has to do and she loves playing in his room with his toys.  She has been standing and walking with help for almost 2 months now, she really wants to get up and go.  There is never a time that she isn't smiling and she just brightens a room with that smile.  Highlight: she loves to jump on the bed with her brother, she is even doing it in her own crib now.

Talon - 3 years old and is as smart as a whip.  He is doing preschool at BYU-Idaho and is the smartest one in his class of 3-5 year olds.  So, to make things more challenging for him he is going to be doing Montessori school starting in September.  Where he can learn more and be challenged more.  He loves to eat (he eats like a hobbit - 7-9 meals a day) and is solid as a rock.  Highlight: He knows his phone number, how to spell his name, his name and mentions every day that when dad wins the lottery he gets a big truck and a dog... and a house.

Hutch - The light at the end of the tunnel can be seen!  He only has 2 more semesters and he is done!  Then it is applying to Physical Therapy school and hopefully getting in somewhere.  We were able to go to A.T. Still in Mesa, AZ for our 5th anniversary to take a tour.  It is a great campus, but we are unsure about whether we want to live in the area or not.  We are just going to keep our options open and apply everywhere.  He is interning at Spine and Sport with Jody Rawlins this semester and is loving it!  Definitely something he wants to do!  Highlight: Got a bike for the semester to get around and Elise was gone for a week.  He biked everywhere.  Even out to his parents house which is 8 miles away...

Elise - Being a stay-at-home mom has definitely its challenges.  Especially doing the same thing over and over. So, this last week I was in Utah babysitting my sister's kids because she was gone on business and their dad just got deployed to Afghanistan.  It was fun, but I am definitely never having 5 kids.  2 is good.  But while there I was able to go to a ItWorks! wrap party.  I was a little skeptical at first, but after being "wrapped" one time, my tummy has been toned and I lost 2 inches!  Just one time!  So, this was the answer to my monotonous daily routine.  I needed to start my own business here in Rexburg.  So, here it goes.  If you are wondering what this is, you can go to my website @

Life is great and wonderful, couldn't ask for better.  So, hopefully I can keep up with everything happening.


  1. yay you updated! been waitin a long time for this..LOL.

    I can't believe how big your kids are already! gah! they are so darling.

    my friend Kelly did the wrap too and loved it. if theres a special deal on one can you pleeeeeaaaase let me know? thanks lady :D sounds like something I would definitely try.

  2. So happy for the update! Being a stay at home mom is rough, I understand. We just need to get together more. Congrats on Talon being awesome! Share your secrets please! I hope I am invited to Oakley's 1st b-day party. I cant believe how big she is!! Yea for the light at the end of the tunnel. The next few steps to get into school are crazy and stressful but way worth it! Good luck.